Thursday, January 5, 2017

In the American Tradition: Appliquéd

Last year, we had the privilege of attending Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in Houston. We posted some of our adventures here and here, but we didn't want to overwhelm you with all the eye candy from Houston. So, in the interest of inspiration for the new year, we thought we would share with you—over the next couple weeks—a few more pictures of some of the wonderful exhibits we saw.

Our A Fairy Tale Album was accepted into the exhibit, In the American Tradition: Appliquéd, sponsored by World of Quilts Travel.  The requirement to be accepted was the quilt had to be recently made and based on a 20th-century or earlier American design or pattern. Our quilt is based on the traditional Baltimore Album quilt block style; some the quilts were based on a block or an antique quilt, while others mixed both. We thought we would showcase a few quilts in this particular exhibit, so without further ado, here are some of the amazing American Tradition appliqué quilts that we saw in Houston!

Sarah's Revival in Blue
Gail Smith
Quilted by Karen McTavish
Design Source: Sue Garman's pattern Sarah's Revival

Lily Rosenberry
Sherrie Thomas
quilted by Cindy Gravely
Design Source: Sue Garman original quilt design
Lily Rosenberry is based on an antique rose and berry appliqué block

Annegien een Ongekende Vriendschap
(Annegien an Unknown Friendship)
Ineke van der Molen
Design Source: Love Entwined: 1790 Marriage Coverlet

A closer look

Autumn Wedding
Rita Schormann
Design Source: Double Wedding Ring

Paradise in Bloom
Lou Ann Nichols
Quilted by Valerie Wagner
Design Source: Paradise in Bloom by Judy Niemeyer

El Camino Serenade
Denise Nelms
Quilted by Diane Beauchamp
Design Source: El Camino Serenade by Nancy Rink

Sunflower Spirit
Lauren Devantier
Design Source: Sunflower block

Jacobean Duet
Paula Doyle
Design Source: Broderie Perse Tree of Life

The French Garden Party
Shelly Landon
Quilted by Yong Hui Torske
Design Source: Elly Sienkiewicz and
Marsha McClosky

We fell in love with this quilt!

The use of the gradated fabric for the flowers is stunning

Grape Arbor
Peggy Garwood
Design Source: An antique block, Locust Grove
plus pieced blocks designed by Lori Smith

Jenny Bacon
Design Source: Block work

Fenceful of Flowers
Peggy Garwood
Design Source: Robert Callaham's design, Album of Memories
published in McCall's magazine

Blue Rose Medallion
Judith Knorr
Design Source: 1860 antique quilt

Floral Urn Harrison Rose
Lauren Devantier
quilted by Norma Chapin
Design Source: Floral Urn Harrison Rose quilt from the book
Quilts from the Henry Ford: 24 Vintage Quilts Celebrating American Quiltmaking
Landauer Books, 2005

Whig Rose with Cockscomb Border
Joyce Swartz
Design Source: Circa 1850 patters of Whig Rose and Cockscomb

Tree of Life Medallion with Dutch Chintz
Judith Bailey
Design Source: Antique tree of life medallion quilts from the early 1800's

We loved seeing this entire exhibit, as the quilts were all so different—and oh, so very awe-inspiring. It was humbling to see our quilt among such outstanding works of art. Hopefully, you have enjoyed another peek into the 2016 Houston Quilt Festival. Join us next week, as we take an imaginary journey to France for a look at some more spectacular quilts!


  1. Wow! Such beautiful works! Thank you for sharing! I'll make it to Houston one day!

    1. You are welcome! Houston is an experience every quilter should have and we hope you get the opportunity.

  2. I love every one of them. We certainly do have similar tastes. Delicious! Thanks so much for sharing.

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