Friday, May 6, 2022

Spring Travels and Rest

We have had a lot going on lately and unfortunately our needles have been rather still, much to our dismay. Between road trips, health, and family, we have had to take a little hiatus from the blog and social media. Our needles will be busy soon, but in the meantime we will share a few pictures from the aforementioned road trip. It was to Paducah, Kentucky for the AQS quilt show and it was wonderful!

 Please enjoy!

Amish Chow Chow
Nancy Simmons

Simone Steuxner

Madam Butterfly
Marilyn Badger

Mary Olsen

Triple Treat
Karen Boe, Marilyn Lidstrom Larsen, and Barb Simons

Angel Flowers
Barbara Ann McCraw

Happy Thanksgiving
Aki Sakai

Crystal Radiance
Dawn Siden and Joyce Grafe

Midnight in Morocco
Marilyn Badger

Tickled Pink
Susan Carlson

Sari Not Sari
Amy Pabst

Hopefully you have enjoyed just some of the wonderful quilts from the show.
We will be back soon!