Thursday, July 20, 2017

Local Inspiration

When Teri and I found out we would be going global, we knew that running our business would be faced with some new challenges, but we also knew that we would now have a whole new field of inspiration from which to draw. 

I now live in southwestern Germany, and the area is stunningly beautiful! Exploring the local region and all the many things it has to offer has been our primary focus over the last month and a half. We have been to a couple of fests, one castle, and a waterfall. Everywhere we go, I have found some form of inspiration for either embroidery, appliqué or both. In this post, I would like to take you on photo journey of my travels and show you some of the things that have inspired me.

The urn on this armoire would make a stunning appliqué pattern.
Too bad this piece didn't go home with me.

This amazing view is from Castle Hohenzollern

I see appliqué!

The detail on this door is striking.

A painted wall in the castle.

An amazing ceiling in the chapel.

A beautiful stained glass window that would be fun to recreate in fabric.

This reminds me of a papercut pattern.

More lovely stained glass.

I fell in love with this awesome verdigris door.

Even the architecture can be inspiring!

I would love to stitch the pattern on the little sewing box,
but the gnome creeped me out a little.

Since we arrived at the beginning of June, I have been on the GWTD diet. That stands for Gotta Walk the Dogs! It's working pretty well since the beasts below went from a fenced acre to run in to depending on us for their exercise.

Thankfully, just a block from our house are paved trails that meander through orchards, horse farms, and gardens. If that wasn't enough, just a little beyond that is a network of wide trails through the forest. The dogs and I go there just about every morning, and I have been inspired by all the natural beauty I see.

Most of the poppies have bloomed, but I was able to capture this straggler.

These remind me of the Canterbury Bells we have in the states
and would be a lovely wool appliqué project.

A hand-dyed silk ribbon would be great to use to stitch these.

Lots and lots and lots of French knots!

Wildflowers are not the only things we see on our walks—critters of varying kinds can be seen as well. 

This little guy was loving this thistle-like plant!

How kind of this butterfly to pose for me. 

I guess he wasn't finished with his photoshoot! What stitches would you use to make
this "social butterfly"?

Straight stitches for the thistle and appliqué with some French knots for this butterfly.

The snails are pretty big around here!

These sheep remind me of a friend's wool felting project.

A tranquil stitching spot, perhaps?

I have been diligently working on the sample for the Academy of Appliqué, (the catalog will be available August 5th,) so that hasn't left much time to act/stitch on the inspiration I see on a daily basis. Soon my collection of threads and fabric will come into port and make their way to our new, humble abode—maybe then,  I can try to recreate some of the beautiful things I have seen. 

I hope you have enjoyed a little trip to my corner of Germany, and may these pictures inspire you in some way. Have you traveled somewhere that inspired a stitching project? We'd love to hear about it!


  1. Oh what wonderful images! My sister has a kleiderschrank like the one in your first photo that she got when they lived in Switzerland. I wish it had an urn on it, I would take your suggestion and make a quilt out of it! Happy to hear you and the pups are getting lots of exercise. Does your German Shepherd speak the language? Wink! Have a great day and thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

    1. Harley, the German Shepherd, is fluent but Gus, the Husky, can't understand a word! Someday maybe we will get that urn into a pattern. Glad you liked the pictures and have a great rest of the weekend.