Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Inspirational Quest (Vacation)

As Teri mentioned last week, we have both embarked on a magnificent, quest to seek new and beautiful inspiration for our future projects! Actually, we were both on vacation these last two weeks—Teri in New England and Kara in Mallorca—so this post and Thursday's post won't have much relating to needlework. However, we both are sharing, through pictures, some of the things that were inspiring to us while we were away.

Since our teacher daughter is visiting with us for a month, we thought we would throw caution to the winds and give Eurowings Blind Booking a try. You put in your dates and pretty much spin a roulette wheel for a place to go. We ended up with Mallorca, Spain for the low, low, round-trip price of $218 for three people! While we didn't see any quilt-related things, the beauty we did see was inspiring on many different levels. Please enjoy the beauty and colors of Mallorca!

That water color!

I was fascinated by the color of the rocks!

Detail of the rocks

Demi-johns formerly used for wine.

Embroidery or appliqué designs?

The color of the sandstone and the water was stunning!

This area was once quarried for the sandstone.

This one was quite elaborate.
I love doors!

A picturesque village in a small cove.

While the pictures may not be directly related to stitching, we find our inspiration in so many places and the beauty of this small, Spanish island was no exception. Hopefully you have enjoyed a peek into our spur of the moment Mallorca trip. Stay tuned for some New England inspiration later in the week.

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