Through the Needle’s Eye, LLC

Teri Young and Kara Mason have been stitching partners for nearly 20 years, taking classes together and collaborating on numerous quilt projects. Both have explored many forms of stitchery since their teenage years. Most recently, Kara professionally designed and made Irish dance dresses. Teri worked as an administrative assistant for quilt teacher and author, Elly Sienkiewicz, helping to publish her latest book, Spoken Without a Word, 30th Anniversary Edition. Together, Kara and Teri stitched blocks for Janice Vaine’s book, Embroidery and Patchwork Revisited, which led to a passion for embroidery. After working on the staff together at The Elly Sienkiewicz Appliqué Academy in Williamsburg for its last two years, a love for Baltimore Album-style stitching was born, and they embarked on an exciting new quilt project together, designing and stitching A Fairy Tale Album, a Baltimore Album-style fairy tale quilt. In 2014, Teri and Kara began teaching at their local quilt shop, focusing on appliqué and embroidery, and have greatly enjoyed teaching and learning new skills with their students. Since then, they have lectured at several guilds, taught workshops for the Baltimore Appliqué Society, taught at the Academy of Appliqué in Williamsburg, Virginia, and expanded their quilt shop teaching schedule. The most exciting development in the story of A Fairy Tale Album is its acceptance into the special exhibit, In the American Tradition—Appliqué, at the International Quilt Festival in Houston in the fall of 2016 and Chicago in the spring of 2017. And this summer, it will be traveling The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England. Currently, Kara and Teri are designing a Block of the Month series called In the Garden, a wool appliqué project incorporating ribbon into the designs. Their partnership adventures continue across two continents, as Kara is living in Germany for the next several years. Technology is a great asset when designing together from across an ocean! Stories of their adventures are chronicled on their weekly blog, Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye.

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