Thursday, October 29, 2020

A Bluebird Needle Book

Needle books are a handy thing to have when you use a lot of needles, and our bluebird needle book is no exception. This little book has plenty of space for lots of needles, and the bluebird is even carrying one! The stitching on this goes together quickly, and we have put together the instructions to help speed you on your way.

Hopeful Bluebird Needle Book

As we said, our simple needle book can be made in a short amount of time and would be perfect for that stitcher who is a fan of all things bluebird. We stitched our bluebird mostly out of bright blue ultra-suede (included in our kit), but of course wool would work just fine. When you buy a kit, we will include a package of ultra-suede needles for free! Regular needles will work well, but the chiseled tip of the ultra-suede needles are designed to more easily pierce the fabric.

The breast is stitched first, followed by the top wing, and then the body.

We used staples with the ultra-suede, and although the staple initially leaves an indentation, 
that can be rubbed out without a problem. 

All stitched down

Once the bluebird is appliquéd, it is time to add the embroidery. The bluebird's eye is one French knot with #8 pearl, and the beak is made with straight stitches in the same thread. The instructions include the needle and thread design, and the buds are made with a French knot and two lazy daisy stitches at the base of the knot.

You can play around with the stem stitch for the thread. Here we just 
used one color, but on the final we added a pop of purple with a whipped stem stitch.

Once all the embroidery is finished, all you need to do is add your lining, stitch and flip, and then sew the opening closed—add the needle page and your needle book is all finished!

Do you know anyone whose day would be brightened with this little gift—or better yet an entire needlework set? Head over to the website to pick up our Hopeful Bluebird pattern along with our sewing smalls kit, and you will be set for making not just the sewing smalls but the wall hanging as well.

If you already have the pattern, then all you need to do is download the instructions found at the bottom of this post, and you will be ready to create these fun little sewing treats. Also don't forget to join our Facebook group, where you can post your bluebird stitching—and even be entered in our giveaway! All you need to do to enter is post a picture of your progress on any one of the Hopeful Bluebird projects. It can be a picture of your chosen materials to a completed project and anything in between.

Our giveaway includes a pair of Famoré embroidery scissors, chenille needles
for the pearl threads, milliners needles for perfect French knots, 
and an assortment of lovely threads for stitching!

See you next week for our Poppy Pincushion and an added surprise!

Hopeful Bluebird Needle Book Instructions

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