Thursday, November 5, 2020

A Poppy Pincushion and Pin!

This is our last installment in our Hopeful Bluebird Sewing Smalls, and "hopefully" you have been joining in on the fun. This week we will be showcasing our Poppy Pincushion.

Hopeful Bluebird Poppy Pincushion

To start the pincushion, cut out the wool pieces and appliqué the poppy—the templates for the poppy can be found in our Hopeful Bluebird pattern (website link below). The first two petals are stitched down on one of the circles, and then the smaller petals are just tack stitched in the center. Once that is finished, it is time to add the embroidery to the top and side piece. We used a stem stitch down the center and then embellished that line with lazy daisies and French knots. We added a stem stitch around the poppy in purple just to bring a hint of that color to the pincushion, and the center of the poppy is made by using a spider web stitch with 5 spokes. Here is a video of how we did that stitch:

After the embroidery is finished, it is time to assemble the pincushion. First stitch the top to the side using a blanket stitch and #12 pearl cotton in green starting 1 inch from the end. You can pin if you like to help keep it together.

When you get to the end, overlap the two ends and finish off your blanket stitch. Line up the bottom ends, pin, and then sew the overlap with matching sewing thread.

Overlapped ends

Overlap sewn closed

Next, attach the bottom circle with a blanket stitch as you did for the top. You can choose to pin the whole thing, but we found that it was easier to just pin at the end after we had stuffed it.

Blanket stitching the bottom circle

Leave an opening and stuff.

Pin the opening and stitch closed.

Stitched, stuffed, and ready to go!

An extra project this week is to make a pin to wear for Remembrance Day! It's super simple to do—just cut a small piece of wool for a backing and then tack stitch the centers of your poppy petals to the backing, embroider the center, and then add a pin to the back.

We hope you have enjoyed making our sewing smalls—and don't forget, we have kits for sale on our website that contain all the wool needed to make all four smalls: scissor keeper and fob, needle book, and pincushion. You can find all links needed for all the smalls below, as well as a link to our Facebook group where you can meet other stitchers and participate in our great giveaway. All you need to do to enter is join the group and then post any of the Hopeful Bluebird projects, either finished or in progress.

Have fun stitching and don't forget to share your pics!


  1. Thank You for the pattern and tutorial, I found it very helpful!