Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

The sun did not shine.
There was lightning and thunder.
My grandson needed
A quilt to sleep under.

His birthday was only
Three weeks away.
I needed a plan...
There was no time to play!

I sat in my sewing room,
Just me and the Cat.
I had all the fabric,
But that was that.

And then
Something went BUMP!
How that bump made me jump!

 "Why are you waiting?"
Cried a voice in my head.
"You've done this before!"
Things 1 & 2 said.

"You need to have fun,
So just start to sew!
Grab some fabric and thread,
And then go, GO, GO!"

So I tried out some borders,
And they looked fine.
I added the alphabet
All in a line.

I measured and stitched
And assembled the rows.
It was almost finished;
There was no time to doze!

The border of course
Was The Cat in the Hat.
The front was all stitched;
It was time for the back.

Thomas the Tank Engine
And some of the others
Would provide some fun
To learn many colors.

Using colorful thread,
The quilting was done.
With Dr. Suess titles,
The quilt was then bound.

Buttons were added
In all shapes and sizes,
And on the Things' heads
Were fuzzy surprises.

Buttons were securely stitched in place.

Pillow cases
With leftover fabric
I whipped up a batch
Of colorful pillow
Cases to match.

The day of the birthday
Was finally here.
I finished the quilt!
Let's all give a cheer!!

Quilt and story inspired by Dr. Suess. To read the story I (Teri) wrote about the first Cat in the Hat quilt, click here to read Thing 1 and Thing 2.


  1. This is just delightful. With six grandsons and three granddaughters, I can relate very much to this story.

    1. Thank you, Marjorie! Creating for the grandchildren is a joy, isn't it?