Thursday, December 21, 2017

I'm Dreaming of a White Solstice...

In the spirit of the holidays—and the first day of winter—we thought we would re-share the free snowflake pattern that we created last year. While it is a balmy 50-something degrees here in Maryland, there is snow in Germany. So yes, I (Teri) am a bit jealous of Kara's snowfall, but who am I to complain? At least I can create snow of the stitched kind! Take a peek at the snowflakes we made from the pattern.

Framed snowflake, appliquéd on linen


Framed snowflake, appliquéd onto wool


Wool snowflake, made as an ornament


To read more about how we made our snowflakes and to get the free pattern, click on the links below:

Of course, if you live south of the equator, you are just beginning summer, and this gift might seem laughable. But even when it's hot, a flake of snow can always spread some cheer, right?

Kara and I both wish you the happiest of holiday seasons, and new year filled with blessings!