Friday, February 8, 2019

A Final Walk "In the Garden"

I (Teri) thought it might be fun to take a walk together In the Garden and revisit each block. Below the block is a link to the original post, so you can review any special skills covered for that block. Enjoy!

This quilt was such fun for us to design and stitch, and it's even more fun to teach. Happily, a new round of classes has started at the wool shop, so we will be gardening again! Last month, we started with the Cardinals and Holly block, and we'll be stitching the Rose on Saturday. 

We would love to have you join us In the Garden! If you have stitched any of the blocks, it would be a great joy to see pictures. You could share them on our Facebook page.

Patterns for In the Garden are available in our web store, both individually and as a set, so you can pick and choose if you only want a few of the blocks. 

We have really enjoyed this garden journey. Are you wondering where our next stitching adventure will lead us? We shall see!


  1. Absolutely stunning!! Thank you for sharing close ups of your gorgeous work!

  2. Amazing. Love all the texture. I’m currently taking Sue Spargo embroidery classes at Old World Quilt Shop in Cave Creek Az. So much fun.

    1. Thanks! That would be a wonderful class! We love texture as well, and mixing wool and ribbon—with lots of embroidery—really gave us a lot of variety in textures!