Thursday, December 12, 2019

Kaffe Fassett in Bath, Part 2

The American Museum and Gardens in Bath, UK, opened its doors in 1961 for the first time at Claverton Manor. It is the only museum outside the United States dedicated to the American arts. Unfortunately, the manor part of the museum was closed for Christmas decorating, but thankfully the Kaffe Fassett exhibit was held in another building, so much to may delight, we were able to see the unique combination of old and new quilts. As promised, here are the rest of the quilts from the exhibit. We hope you enjoy them!

Katy Clark Elmore, 1937
Chula, Missouri

Dotty Fans
Kaffe Fassett, 2017

Scrappy Nine Patch
19th Century

A simple block
Love that pop of blue!

Pastel Nine Patch
Kaffe Fasset, 2017

A great use of a floral print for the center.
The quilting certainly highlights the fabric.

Late 19th Century
Cooperstown, NY

Such a unique quilt pattern, but appropriate
given the quilt's origin.
Amazing, what a chain stitch can do!

Technicolour Circles
Kaffe Fassett, 2017

I missed the caption on this quilt, but it is a wonderful use and placement of fabrics with a simple 9-patch.

Oh, to find this fabric today!
Beautiful simplicity

Coleus Columns
Liza Prior Lucy, 2017

A perfect use for a unique print
Great quilting

Kaffe Fassett, 2017
This quilt was based on a bridal chest quilt from Pennsylvania, circa 1832

Cigar Silk Ribbon Quilt top
Circa 1880

Beautiful upcycling!
Great stitching!

Red Ribbons
Kaffe Fassett,  2017

Log Cabin-Light and Dark Variation
Mrs. H. A. Batchelor, Michigan
Second half of the 19th century

The use of black silk for half of the Log Cabin blocks, creates a wonderful secondary design.

Badge of Honor
Kaffe Fassett, 2017

Great care was taken to honor the original. From a distance, it is hard to tell them apart.

Dr. Sarah Taylor Middleton Rogers, 1852
Crosswicks, New Jersey

This was a prize-winning quilt for obvious reasons!

I can't imagine piecing this with silk!

Giant Blocks
Kaffe Fassett, 2017
(and my model husband)

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the second half of our tour of this wonderful exhibit. There were so many inspiring quilts to be seen, and it was interesting to see Kaffe's modern take on some extraordinary antique quilts. Have you been to any quilt exhibits lately? Did you have a favorite? We would love for you to share about different exhibits around the world that you have seen. We can always use a little inspiration to keep us stitching!


  1. Such a wonderful exhibition! I absolutely love seeing people interpret antique quilts and make them their own. Kaffe never disappoints! Thanks for sharing.