Thursday, March 5, 2020

Still On the Road

We have just finished teaching the first of three classes on the road, and what a class it was! Our first Woodland Reverie class was a smashing success, with 12 wonderful ladies taking part. Round two starts tomorrow, with 23 members of the Colonial Piecemakers Guild, and we are excited to share our Marcia's Flowers pattern with them. We are shifting gears from the woodlands to flowers and working diligently to prepare for the next stitching adventure, so we will leave you with a picture of our happy students.

Stay tuned for more pictures of happy faces!


Kara and Teri
Stitchers on the road


  1. Where can I buy that wonderful Woodland Reverie pattern? I have seen some of these blocks on pinterest etc but cannot find a link to purchase the pattern.....Thanks

  2. Hi Pam!
    We do have a few kits left from the Academy of Appliqué. They are $40 a piece and include all the ribbon and fibers needed for the block. They do not include the fabric or embroidery threads. If you would like to purchase any, please fill out the contact form found on the lower right corner of our website homepage and we will work out the details. We are so glad you like them!