Thursday, July 29, 2021

And the Winner is...

We were thrilled to see so many wonderful flowers listed in our giveaway! It is great to know that so many stitchers out there love flowers as much as we do. Lilies and tulips led the way as the most popular flowers, but there were quite a few that piqued our interest since we hadn't stitched them before. Flowers have been our mainstay to stitch since we began our little business, and we thought it would be fun to show some of the ones that we have stitched—along with a few that are now on our stitching radar. And of course, we will reveal who the lucky winner of our Botanical Beauties quilt kit!

Bias silk ribbon tulips
A wired ribbon lily

And an appliquéd lily

Wired ribbon violets
Wool Hydrangeas

Sunflowers three different ways

Wired ribbon

Silk ribbon

A rose is a rose...

Seam binding rose and leaf


From our Hopeful Bluebird Stitching Smalls
A wool lapel pin

Cotton Appliqué


Seam binding
Bias silk ribbon

Sweet Peas

Wired ribbon

A few of the flowers mentioned that we have in the works

And while we haven't stitched these yet, here are a few of your suggestions—we even had pictures of them already!

Bee Balm


So that is a different kind of walk in the garden than we did before and we hope that you enjoyed seeing our passion for flowers in stitching form. 

Now onto our lucky winner...

Lorianne Alvesteffer

Congratulations Lorianne! Please send us a message with your address and we will put your Botanical Beauties kit in the mail to you. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway, and if you would like to purchase your own Botanical Beauties kit, you can find it and many other flower-themed projects available there.