Friday, March 31, 2017

Going Global!

Once upon a time, there were two friends who loved quilting so much that they decided to start a business. They were going to quilt, appliqué, and embroider stories together until their arthritic hands quit working. (Like forever...)

One day, Teri's husband said their house was too big. So they searched and searched until they found a new one that was just right. And it would only be about 45 minutes away from Kara. BUT, then Kara's husband shared that he had a job opportunity in Germany, which was much farther away than 45 minutes. They love adventure, and suddenly, Through the Needle's Eye was to become a global enterprise (of two)!

Teri's new house: we have a roof!

Kara's new house
Just kidding!! But it's not too far from her new house.

We are still brainstorming what that will look like, but in this day of technological "world-shrinking," we know that we will still be able to plan, design, and write together. And now, we have the opportunity to "divide and conquer," teaching and/or lecturing in twice the places, on different continents. Of course, we will plan to gather to do some teaching together: we will have to schedule our visits carefully. I (Teri) have always wanted a good excuse to visit Europe, and especially Germany, as many of my ancestors were German.

Next week, we will have our first practice opportunity of dividing and conquering. This weekend, I am joining the sisters that we met at Quilt Festival in Houston and going to the AQS QuiltWeek in Lancaster. And Kara leaves for their "Farewell Tour" to the midwest to visit family, which happens to coincide with Quilt Festival Chicago, where she will have the opportunity to visit our Fairy Tale Album, which will be in the exhibit. We are both a bit jealous of the other. We will have to get over that. Fast.

At Quilt Festival Houston in November 2016

So we will each be sharing quilty news and stories from different parts of the US. Soon, from different parts of the world. Who would have thought that we would become an international company?! 

We are excited about our future opportunities! 


  1. Best of luck to you and your family Karaoke as you start this new adventure.

  2. Well, what an interesting development!! So wonderful that it brought you ideas on how to expand and not dismantle your business. I'll be so very interested in reading future posts about how your business and friendships expand! Now go out there and GET 'EM!!
    xx, Carol

    1. Thanks so much, Carol! We figured that too many doors have opened for us to even consider giving up on the business; we HAVE to view it as an opportunity!

  3. Oh Rats Teri, I didn't know you were in Lancaster. I was there on Wed. & Thursday. You will just both have to come to Maine (Augusta Civic Center, July 26 - 29) for our show this summer so we can all meet up!

    1. I was only there on Saturday, so our paths would not have crossed in Lancaster. I'm sure you had as great a time as I! And alas, July will probably hit just at our second move of the summer. Some time...

  4. Oh, and best of luck with your new ventures!