Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival

On our way to the Academy of Appliqué in Williamsburg this past weekend, Kara and I (Teri) first traveled to Hampton, Virginia, to see the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. As we entered the exhibit, we were greeted by this incredible Baltimore Album-style quilt, Threads of Friendship (Carol's Gift), by Barbara Korengold, which won first place in Best Hand Workmanship, Traditional. This photo does not nearly do it justice, but you can see how magnificent her work is. The embroidery just made the quilt sing!

Enjoy some details below.




Quite a crowd was studying the Festival's Best of Show.

Hawaiian Improv, Cheryl L. See

Detail: Hawaiian Improv

Detail: Hawaiian Improv
What wonderful detail is in this quilt—embroidered flowers, quilted trees: so many fun surprises!

Into the Westward Sun, Bethanne Nemesh
Second Place, Traditional

Detail: Into the Westward Sun, center panel
Detail: Into the Westward Sun, border
Cardinal Points, Gail Stephanek and Jan Hutchison
First Place Traditional

Detail: Cardinal Points
Detail: Cardinal Points

Detail: Cardinal Points—quilting on back of quilt

Paleo Puzzle, Kimberly Lacy
First Place Innovative

Detail: Paleo Puzzle
Detail: Paleo Puzzle
Bouquet Royale, Margaret Solomon Gunn
Best Longarm Machine Workmanship, Traditional

Detail: Bouquet Royale
Detail: Bouquet Royale

Hope you enjoyed these winners as much as we did! Congratulations to each of these stitchers; you surely deserve the recognition you received. 

There is more to come for the Festival, but for now, we will bid you adieu. Happy stitching!

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  1. Breathtaking! Such amazing work. I was so happy to see that Cheryl See won best of show. She is amazing and it is rare these days to see a hand quilted quilt win top honors. Kudos!