Thursday, May 31, 2018

Progress In the Garden

I (Teri) love to spend time in my garden, or in any garden, for that matter! My garden is much different in our new home, but one thing remains constant: I have portulacas planted along my sidewalk—a long-standing tradition as a tribute to my great-grandparents' garden. (See A Walk Through the Garden.) We have had a rather odd spring this year, with warm temperatures late in arriving and such a plethora of rain that sunshine is sparse. But my hostas and coneflowers are huge and already sporting flower buds, so they must be happy. And when my garden is happy, I'm happy!    

Kara and are are always looking to gardens for inspiration for our stitching, as I'm sure you've noticed if you have been following our two block-of-the month series. Our In the Garden series is really coming along! Have you been stitching along with us? We know quite a few who have ordered each pattern, and are likely wondering what we have planned for them. Well, the time has come for us to start assembling them into a quilt! We have only two blocks left to complete (four more to release), but we thought you might enjoy seeing the progress thus far. And it is never to late to jump on board the garden wagon!!

Let's take a peek at the quilt progress. The captions include links to the original post with more about the blocks. It has been such fun seeing the blocks go together. I can hardly wait until it is finished!

A mix of seasons! This section of the quilt includes the next two patterns to be released:
 Hydrangeas in June and the Butterfly Bush in July.

Such a colorful garden!

"in the Garden"—Hummingbird and Fuchsia



I'm getting so excited to finish putting it all together; but alas, I have to take a short break—to work on our new designs for the Academy of Appliqué . . . so many fun things to do. We have such a "hard" job!! I wouldn't trade it for the world!

So, here is our quilt top at this point, with floor shining through where the two missing blocks will go. One is made and en route from Germany, and the other is still in progress. It won't be long now!


We would so enjoy it if you would join us In the Garden! Patterns are for sale on our website ( and are available in digital format as well as in hard copy, which includes the ribbon needed to complete the block. Oh, and fear not, we do plan to create a quilt pattern, with directions for assembling the quilt from all your blocks. Of course, you may wish to create smaller projects from your blocks, which is another garden path you can take.

Hope to see you In the Garden!


  1. Oh how I would love to sit down in a class with you two! THese wool blocks are stunning! I admire people who love to garden. I have a very "Maine" garden - plant it and see what comes up. Weeds are a big part of my gardening skills!

    1. We’d love to be in a class with you, too! Academy of Appliqué in Williamsburg in March, perhaps?! 😉 As for your “weeds,” they often sport some rather lovely flowers!