Thursday, July 25, 2019

Christmas in July and a Free Pattern!

Christmas in July is an advertising gimmick that we can be subjected to around this time of year, but for quilters, it's a good reminder to get going on all those Christmas projects! This July, I (Kara) am jumping on that early Christmas bandwagon and teaching a wool ornament at the USO. For 77 years, the United Service Organization has been helping the U.S. military and their families, so it is an honor to be able to help in a small way. We will be making a variation of the tree ornament that we posted this past December—Christmas Markets and a Free Pattern.

The USO version
The tree from last Christmas

We have a full class of ladies who are ready to get a jump on the holidays and learn some wool appliqué in the process. The tree will be the first in a series of ornaments that will be taught, and I thought it would be fun to share the next ornament with you!

The dirndl is quintessentially German and is worn mostly in Bavaria, although you will see ladies in dirndls at most Oktoberfest celebrations around the country. Given that we are here in Germany, it seemed like a good idea to design an ornament that people could create that would remind them of their time here.

Fusing helps keep these small pieces manageable, but staples would work as well. 
The pieces are fused onto a 3.25" background.

Stitching the sleeves down with one strand of matching floss. Matching sewing thread works as well.

All the pieces are stitched down with an appliqué stitch, with the exception of the blanket-stitched apron. 
The apron tie is chain stitched with Valdani pearl cotton.

All the accent stitching is finished! French knots and straight stitches for the bodice. straight stitches for the sleeves, lazy daisies and straight stitches for the bow, and a stem stitch for the apron trim.

The pinned ribbon hanger inserted between the front. 
The back square  is cut the same size as the front (3.25").

Blanket stitching secures the back and front.

The finished ornament hanging on a tree!

The first two ornaments in our USO series.

Now, a dirndl ornament may not appeal to everyone, but maybe you know someone who might appreciate a German-inspired gift. If you would like to make the ornament, just clink on the link below. I bet you can guess what the next ornament in the series will be!

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