Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Baltimore Appliqué Society Celebrates 25 Years!

Do you love appliqué? Did you know that the Baltimore Appliqué Society is an organization that promotes the art of appliqué, not only locally, but also with members from across the nation? In fact, we have a few international members, as well. Last week, the BAS observed 25 years as an organization! I (Teri) thought you might enjoy celebrating with us, and perhaps even consider joining us.  

This lovely commemorative block was designed and stitched by Marylou McDonald, using flower motifs from each of the raffle quilts created by BAS over the years. Several examples of those raffle quilts were hanging around the room, as well as some quilts made with those quilt patterns. 

Folk Fantasy, designed by Jeana Kimball, was the one of the first raffle quilts. 

Lady of Liberty was won by member Phyllis Hatcher. The original quilt from which the pattern was made is owned by Mary Koval.

This Mary Simon Quilt was made by Marylou McDonald. Each block has between 150 and 200 pieces. 

This is Polly Mello's rendition of the Mary Mannakee Quilt. She included 16 of the 25 blocks in the original quilt.

Brenda Devine added her own original center medallion in her Margaret Potts Quilt.

You can learn more information about the original quilts by clicking here. Some patterns are available for purchase as well!

There was a lot of mingling and visiting as people were arriving. Everyone was enjoying the slide show, the quilts, and sharing the treasures they had just purchased.

We had two vendors—Charlotte's Cottage Quilt Shop and Huzzah Quilt Shoppe—who came to share their wares. A lot of shopping happened. Many thanks to Susan and Barbara for joining us! Their shops are linked if you would also like to share our shopping experience.

Susan and Susan were welcoming everyone as they entered,
and handing out door prize tickets and name tags.

Margo was taking new memberships and renewals.

Nancy, Linda, and Kathy worked tirelessly to create a scrumptious spread of food for us.

President Nancy Raley took a moment from her many duties to look at the beautiful cake.

These floral arrangements made lovely door prizes.

Nancy excused us for dinner... 

...while Mimi and Polly compared notes for their upcoming presentation.


When we came back to our table with our food, we had this lovely needle book favor waiting for us. Many hands worked to stitch these for everyone there! Aren't they lovely? 

After dinner, our slate of officers for next year was sworn in—don't they look like some happy volunteers?!

Cake had been served, and we were ready for the festivities to begin! We all eagerly awaited the program, drawing of door prizes, and Show & Tell.

Mimi Dietrich and Polly Mello led the program. Mimi related the story of the origins of the Baltimore Appliqué Society—how it all began 25 years ago, with six appliquéing friends meeting over chocolate cake. And how they chose the name Baltimore Appliqué Society over Baltimore Appliqué Guild, because "BAS spells BAS, and BAG spells bag, so..." I'll leave it to you to determine why we became a society rather than a guild. (Oh, and don't you love Mimi's "halo" of appliquéd flowers? What could be more appropriate?!)

Polly went on to explain that BAS has supported countless historical organizations, including the Maryland Historical Society; contributed tens of thousands of dollars for the preservation of antique quilts; documented, photographed, and patterned antique quilts; and promoted the art of appliqué by doing demonstrations at art shows, holding lectures, and having workshops. This is just a sampling. Wow!

BAS Presidents in attendance, past and present

We had some 80 quilts to share for our "Best Show & Tell—Ever!" And I think it just may have been. The. BEST. Ever! To see them all in close detail, you can join the BAS and get our fabulous newsletter in September! (Wink.) Here are a few tiny teasers.


Happy Birthday, BAS!

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  1. Thank you, Teri and Kara, for doing this lovely write-up and pictures of the BAS 25th. Thank you, for assuring there will always be a written and visual accounting of this very special evening. It was the best "Show and Tell EVER!"