Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A Hopeful Bluebird Free Stitch Along

In spite of the current pandemic, Spring in this part of the world is showing off her beauty in some spectacular ways. The fruit trees in our local orchards are covered in blossoms, the fields are full of buttercups, and the birds are singing some lovely tunes. Even though we have to stay home, it has been nice to witness the changing of the seasons and to welcome some warmer weather. 

Staying at home for us, both Teri and I (Kara), has meant that we get to do a lot of stitching and we have seen from social media that many of you have been stitching as well. Since there is so much needlework going on, we thought it might be fun to offer a free pattern and a stitch along! So without further ado we introduce our Hopeful Bluebird appliqué pattern and Stitch Along!

The design is inspired by a vintage postcard and we thought it would be fun to stitch a little welcome sign that we can display for that day when we can welcome people back into our homes. Over the next three weeks, we will post all the instructions, patterns, and templates that you will need to complete your own little bluebird wall hanging. At the end of each post you will find the PDF links for all that you will need for that particular week.

So lets get started!

The first order of business will be to gather your supplies, starting with your background. We used a cotton background because we enjoy the look of the two different textures, cotton and wool, together, but you can certainly use a wool background if you prefer. The supply list gives each piece of appliqué wool needed and the colors we used along with a list of threads you will need. 

Once you have gathered your supplies, print out the template page. There are many ways to cut out and use templates for wool appliqué and you may already have a tried and true method. If so, that's great and feel free to use what works for you. I don't enjoy tracing my templates on freezer paper and I like to limit my prep time wherever possible, so I glue my templates onto freezer paper with a glue stick.

Apply glue to back of template page, making sure to cover the template area.

Template page is now glued to freezer paper ready to be cut out.

Some people really don't like to cut their patterns and would prefer to keep them intact. The nice thing about a PDF pattern is that you can print as many copies as you need. Once I have finished cutting out my templates and using them, I store them in a plastic baggie and keep them with the pattern. That way I will be able to reuse them if I decide to make the project again.

Templates all cut out and ready to be ironed onto the wools

I like to use fusible in my wool projects, whereas Teri does not—either method works just fine and it is a matter of personal preference. On this project, I used fusible but you can choose to do what method you prefer. Once you have cut out your templates, fuse or staple them onto the appropriate color wool as listed in the template page and cut out.

For Week 1, we have kept it simple and there are just a few pieces to appliqué and a little bit of embroidery. Find the center of your background and use the X's on the pattern to help you place your wool pieces, then fuse or staple your pieces in place.

Week 1 pieces fused and ready to appliqué.

Use matching thread and an appliqué stitch to secure wool pieces to background. Sewing thread or one strand of floss is what we use. Once your pieces are appliquéd, mark a faint line on your background for the little stems. Use your pattern as a guide for placement. Follow the directions for the embroidery and your Week 1 is finished.

Week 1 stitched down and embroidered.

Hopefully this won't be too much for one week and that you have fun doing it! We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your progress. We have created a Facebook group called Hopeful Bluebird Stitch Along so you can share your progress and ask questions. 

It is our hope that you enjoy creating this little project and that while stitching, you can feel hopeful about someday welcoming back some of the things that we are currently missing. 

Hopeful Bluebird Supply List
Hopeful Bluebird Pattern
Hopeful Bluebird Templates
Hopeful Bluebird Week 1 Directions
Hopeful Bluebird Facebook Group


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