Thursday, April 30, 2020

Updated: Hopeful Bluebird Stitch Along— Week 2

Updated: We have enjoyed our Hopeful Bluebird Stitch Along! While the pattern for this lovely wall hanging is no longer available for free, it is available in our web store. It's never too late to join our Facebook group where we have been inspired by all the beautiful work that has been shared.

No deadlines...just jump right in! 

Hello everyone, and welcome to Week 2! We are thrilled that so many of you have decided to join our little stitch along Hopefully everyone has made some progress—even if it is jut to pick out your wool and fabrics. While we may be on Week 2, it is not too late to start.
So off we go!

This week we will start out by adding the blue star flowers, the rest of the poppy and pansy petals, and the banner. 

Align the smaller banner pieces under the larger one as shown.

The rest of the petals are ready to stitch down.

Once all the wool pieces are attached, it's embroidery time. The leaves are embellished with a #8 green pearl cotton using a fly stitch, and the blue flowers get five pistil stitches and three French knots (not hens 😉).  For the pansies, use a #5 pearl cotton to make three French knots in the center.

Pistil stitches and French knots
Three French knots and fly stitches for the leaves.

In order to give the banner the effect of being a folded ribbon, we have used a light tan floss and a stem stitch with one strand, to highlight the folds. The directions for this week show where exactly to stitch.

Use one strand of light tan floss as indicated above and on the pattern.

And that is it for this week! The PDF for this week is below, along with a link to the Hopeful Bluebird Facebook Group. We love seeing how everyone's project is going, and it is also fun to see the variety of colors used. Again, it is not too late to start, so feel free to share this project with friends or in other stitching groups.

                  Until next week...

Hopeful Bluebird Stitch Along Week 2
Hopeful Bluebird Facebook Group

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