Thursday, December 3, 2020

Not Your Typical Free Ornament Pattern!

It's that time of year when we start unpacking the Christmas decorations and pull out all our favorite ornaments to decorate the tree. I (Kara) know that our family has some special favorites, and most of our ornaments have come to us from loved ones. Many times, those beloved ornaments have had a theme that is unique to the person who received it. The ornament below came about because I wanted to make that type of personal ornament for a friend.

While I love pizza, we have a friend who has never met a pizza he didn't like. This person is an expert on all things pizza—maybe you know someone like that, too. If so, then this free ornament pattern is for you! You will need scraps of red, cream and tan, a piece of ribbon for the hanger, and assorted threads.

This ornament stitches up in no time, and allows you to use up a few scraps of wool. I chose a tomato-sauce red, a cheese-colored cream, and a tan that looks like crust.

Once you have gathered your wool, go ahead and cut your templates out. I like to cut out around all the templates as one, glue that to the matte side of a piece of freezer paper, and then cut each template out. Some people like to trace the templates onto their fusible first, but I find I am a terrible tracer so using freezer paper is my method of choice. You can choose to use fusible or not, so do what works for you. If you do use fusible, you will only need to put fusible on the back of your top "sauce" slice. The other slice will be your backing after you have stitched your cheese and crust down.

Cut your wool pieces out as directed in the pattern. 

Not shown here is your backing slice.

Stitch down your pepperonis and add your green pepper (3 chain stitches in an arc with #8 pearl) and black olives (5 backstitches with #5 pearl). 

Add your crust and stitch down the bottom edge to the sauce with matching thread. Insert the hanger between the sauce and the crust and fuse or pin.

Add your cheese and stitch down with matching thread

Line up your backing sauce to your top slice and fuse, if using, or pin or staple all the layers. Then blanket stitch with matching thread for the sauce and then switch to a matching thread for the crust.

A finished pizza slice!

Do you know someone who would love this for their tree? If you do, then download and print the pattern below to make them a unique gift. Maybe you can top your pizza with different toppings—pineapple, sausage, anchovies (I'd rather stitch those than eat them), or maybe some bacon.

Hmm...I think I know what we are having for dinner tonight!

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