Thursday, August 12, 2021

Academy 2022 Offerings —Part 1

It is hard to believe that it is that wonderful time of year when the Academy of Appliqué class catalog is ready to view, and are we excited about our classes! We will be teaching two classes next year, and this week and next, we will highlight the projects so that you can see more details of each. The first session will be two new Woodland Reverie blocks. You will be able to choose which block to work on in class or both. All the skills for each block will be taught, and some of them will overlap. 

The Cascading Creek  block is the first we will highlight and features a plethora of different skills. With this textured block, you will learn how to create your own cascading creek out of silk, as well as learning how to make dimensional flowers and leaves out of four different types of ribbon. Once you learn these techniques, you will be surprised at how simple it is to create this type of dimension on this and future blocks you might make. Basic embroidery stitches will put the finishing touches on your creation.

Silk ribbon, bias silk ribbon, seam binding, French ombré wired ribbon, and wool roving are used to create your flowers and leaves. Embroidery with a variety of fibers add depth and that final detail to make your block complete.

Our second offering will be the final installment in our Village Wanderings project. A seaside chapel, loosely based on an ancient church on a Scottish isle, graces the center of our village life quilt. From the meandering path filled with flowers to the mullioned windows, embroidery takes center stage in this wool and silk medallion. Wool roving makes an appearance in the fluffy clouds, and the whole scene is framed in an oval of silk ribbon blooms. 

This center medallion along with the seasonal trees (which Teri will talk about next week) will complete our walk through the village. We will have complete kits for the houses and shops, so if you are joining our wander for the first time, we will have everything you need to finish this quilt.

Teri and I didn't realize that we had sent Barbara an old bio, but this will be our sixth year teaching at the Academy, and we are now both on the same side of the pond. The Academy is one of our favorite places, and we both fell in love with appliqué many years ago because of it. Wanting every student to experience success, our teaching style is an encouraging “don’t panic, it’s organic” approach that focuses on enjoying the process while learning new skills. We would love to have you join us next year in either class! 

Stay tuned next week to see the highlights of the other parts of our classes and if you have any questions for us before the Labor Day at noon sign-up, please let us know.


  1. I'm getting pretty tired of saying, "hopefully next year"! I would love to be there! I know Dianne Miller and my sweet friend Judy Severson will be there too. So... maybe next year! Have fun.