Thursday, August 26, 2021

Potsticker Fun for Fall

This week we introduced our second round of Potstickers for your plants—Fall Fun Potstickers!

These little quick little projects will give your autumn foliage some panache this fall. They go together so quickly and when you buy our kit, all wool, flannel, thread, buttons, and printed patterns are all included—for the low cost of only $19.50! 

When creating these, we really wanted to make something that would be complete so you could take them with you to the doctor, school pick-up, or wherever you go that you might need something easy to stitch. As an added bonus, for buying the kit, you will receive the pumpkin pattern free, along with its sweet little leaf button. 

Each potsticker has its own special charm whether it is the three dimensional sunflower, the beaded wreath around the maple leaf, or the tiny squirrel holding a very tiny acorn charm. All the charms, beads, and buttons are included in the kit.

Primp and pamper your plants this fall with their own decor, and if you want to give them a patriotic feel, you can make the first set, our Patriotic Potstickers.

If you would like to create your own set of Potstickers, click on the link below to pick up your kit!